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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Hook-up

Getting the Holiday Hook-up with Make-up is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1,) Smoldery liner. Everyone dreams for thick lashes and a defined lash line, but sometimes lining the eye too thick takes away your lid space and makes the eye look heavy. Now you can have “it” (thick, defined lashes) and eat your cake too (have an open lid space). First, you need an eye pencil that has been tested to be safe for the waterline. Then, take your eye pencil and line the upper waterline, even in between the lashes. This creates a thicker line defining the eye and lashes without taking up the lid space. Voila! Naturally enhanced liner and lashes!

2.) Curvatious Cheeks. The winter brings more than snowy white tree tops as most of us find our tans fading to a level somewhere between “pale golden” and “snow white”. This is when contouring comes into play. Choose a lightweight powder in a shade 1-2 levels darker than your skin tone. Apply in a line from the top of your ear toward the tip of your nose, following your cheek bone. Dust off, your brush and take a second pass over the edges with a circular motion to diffuse all lines. Apply blush as normal and enjoy a curvier more sculpted you.

3.) Lavish lips. The easiest way to make a statement is with great lips. This seasons runway shows made a statement with everything from rich sherbet to crimson red. The secret is prepping the lip. Use a primer around the edge of the lip; ensuring to pass both on and over the lip line. Once set; line your lips starting from the outside edges in (this gives a fuller look). Once you’ve lined the lips fill in a bold lip color using a lip brush, working your way from the edges of your lip inward. Lip brushes are your friend when it comes to getting a lot out of your lipstick. Matte lips are in, so don’t feel the need to slather on the gloss. If you choose to gloss it up, go light and stay in the center.

Happy Holidays, you Devil you…..

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