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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fresh Faced Beauty!

Hilary Duff's looks like an angel, pictured here in a gorgeous Vera Wang Gown.  Ever wonder how you can create the angelic (let's just say it - youthful) glow?  Here are some tips to get you started:
1.) Prep your skin...with more than moisturizer 
     (I love MAC's Fix+ spray as it primes the skin for make-up and wakes you up with it's minerals and green tea)
2.) Give dimension with two shades of foundation
     (I love to use a lighter shade of foundation in the center of the face and a slightly warmer shade around the    perimeter - this give dimension and life to skin)
3.) Play with texture
    (Look for creamy or satin textures to ensure a life-like feel to the skin.  Go the extra mile by adding a slight  irridescent one shade lighter than your skin to the cheekbones.)

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