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Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's a fine line......

.....Between "Great liner" and "Good lord!" I often get asked about eye Liner. Here's a few teaser tricks to get you started: - For a defined lash line without taking up space above the lashes use a creamy (safe for the waterline) pencil to shade in the upper waterline and in between the lashes - this is a celebrity favorite for that naturally defined beauty look! - When venturing into the liquid land of liners make sure you have the best and right tool for you. An ultra small pencil tip brush is an artists best friend, however you may feel more comfortable with a very thin angle brush. Once you have the right tool be use to use a long-wearing, quick-setting creamy liner to ensure a smooth application (Gel base is a great choice). Start in the middle to get your bearings, then slowly work from middle in and then middle out, I would recommend starting your "wing", if you so choose, at the very end with an outward "pull and lift" motion. - Also, when it comes to shadow (particularly mineralized) you can often wet the brush when you apply it for more definition. Note: you can wet the brush before, if it is a loose shadow - otherwise, you would want to apply the shadow first to the brush and then gently spritz to moisten. The options with liner are endless, but remember to always work within the proportions of your eye shape (i.e. thickness/length) - I hope that helps to get you started!

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