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Friday, April 10, 2009

"brow beauty"

Brows are arguably, according to make-up artists, the most overlooked feature on the face. Brows, as the frame for the eyes, hold both strength and emotion behind their shape. It is therefore crucial that the right message is conveyed. First, let talk shape. The start of the brow should Line up with the tear duct. Growing in an upward an outward direction beginning to arch just after passing the pupil of the eye. Then, making a soft and shallow decent toward hairline, the brow will taper off just after passing the last lash. Tools: a pencil is usually the easiest tool with which to create shape. Next, Compliment with color. The brows should generally be one shade lighter than your deepest shade present as hair color. Exception: light blondes will follow the opposite of this idea. Contour (natural variance in color) the brows by using an eyeshadow in one shade deeper along the bottom edge of brow (emphasizing the most depth under the arch). Last but not least, Make it last by using a bit of brow mascara/gel/wax (depending on coarseness of your hair) to hold in place. Go for it and Brave a beautiful Brow......

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